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On behalf of All Region Seventeen members and myself, I would like to thank The Network Link, TNL Online!, run by Brenda Donovan,
for hosting Region 17's Website.

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R17 Website

11 July, 2003
Hi ya.

For reasons I can't comprehend, I was coerced and cajoled into updating and revising Region 17's website, by a surly fellow named Bob Seaborn!.
I must say that I entered into this task with limited knowledge and experience and have just basically muddled my way through it, learning as I go.

I've been a Fidonet Sysop since 1995 and N153C since 2000. Previous to joining Fidonet, my BBS, Milky Way, was local only since 1993.
For the past decade, I can honestly say that being a Sysop has been and still is a rewarding experience, which was only heightened when I finally joined Fidonet.
With a little luck, this website will continue to evole , providing I can continue to learn just how one survives being a webmaster! :)

The original R17 Website was created by Kevin Klement, (see below),

Gordon Lewicky (Pdk) 1:153/307

R17 Website
09/25/98 05:23 pm


I'd like to take a sec and introduce myself ... Hi, my name is Kevin. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and I have have been a member of Fidonet since about 1989. I still enjoy this type of networking and hope Fidonet still has it's place in the future.

Just the other day Bob Seaborn, REC17, and myself were chatting and he asked me if I'd be interested in developing a Website for Region 17, I accepted, and R17's site was born.

As the designer of the site, I'm very happy to promote R17's site on the Internet, and hope this generates more sysops/users for our region.


Kevin Klement

This document was last updated on 11 July, 2003